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People Demonstrating Outstanding Expertise

Our desire is to support you because we know what it’s like in the field.
Vitaars provides remote consultations with highly trusted intensive care physicians and certified intensive care nurses.

We have registered 51 doctors and 54 nurses (as of January 2023).

In addition, Vitaars’ members possess a wide range of expertise. The members include not only medical professionals but also people with significant experience and expertise in the medical industry, new business startups, and management. As Vitaars, aim to provide the best medical care to people around the world and work together every day to fulfill this mission.

As a company that pursues innovation while being involved in healthcare, we believe it is important to display high ethical standards, professionalism, curiosity, and be unafraid to seek change.

Furthermore, we value the diverse personalities of each of our members. We aim to create an environment where each individual can grow and maximize their abilities through respect, acceptance, and collaboration.

We are convinced that these values will lead to the growth of our company.

Management Team

Tomoyuki Nakanishi
CEO / Medical Doctor / Ph.D

After acquiring extensive experience in cardiovascular surgery, anesthesiology, and emergency and intensive care, our CEO started his own business to solve the problems that arose due to the nationwide shortage of intensive care units and specialists.

Koji Oda
COO (Chief Operating Officer)

Formerly an employee of the City of Kobe.
Joined the company in 2022, after working in business divisions, such as general affairs/accounting and corporate promotion.

Fuminori Toyama
Sr. Director of Regulatory Affairs & Quality Assurance Div.

Worked in regulatory affairs and development at Teleflex Medical Japan and other companies.
Joined the company in 2020. Holds the U.S. Project Management Professional (PMP)® Certification.

Rieko Okada
CFO(Chief Financial Officer)

Joined the company in 2020, after working for Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank, Limited. and Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu LLC.

Dai Ogura
Chief of Internal Control Office

Worked in legal and corporate planning at COLOPL, Inc., Don Quijote Co., Ltd., and CAVE Interactive CO., LTD. Joined the company in 2018.

Shingo Moriguchi
Director of Medical Support Dept.

Certified Nurse in Intensive Care. Joined the company in 2019, after working at several hospitals, including Kyoto University Hospital, Kyoto Medical Center, and Shiga General Hospital.

Eiji Sugawara
Director of New Business Dept.

Served as sales manager at Medicon Inc. and Medicaroid Corporation before joining the company in 2021.

Yoshihiko Konoike
CMO(Chief Medical Officer) / Director of Global Business Dept.

Intensive Care Specialist and Pediatric Advisor. Worked at Tokyo Metropolitan Children’s Medical Center and Hyogo Prefectural Children’s Hospital. Joined the company in 2020.

Tomonori Okazaki
Director of Research & Development Dept.

Worked in R&D at Seiko Epson Corp. and SYSMEX Corp. Joined the company in 2021.

Hayato Honda
Director of Sales Dept.

Served as West Japan sales manager at Medicon Inc. before joining the company in 2021.

Yukie Nii
Chief of Corporate Affairs & CEO’s Office

Experienced in corporate and internal communication and government affairs. Joined the company in 2022, after working for P&G Japan and Eli Lilly Japan K.K.

Masato Sakai

Worked for the Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, Future Venture Capital Co., Ltd., and Pronexus Co., Ltd. Joined the company in 2023.

Medical Staff

Katuhiko Shimizu

Has been a licensed nurse since 2004. After working in a critical care center and emergency room, was certified in Emergency Nursing in 2011. Joined the company in 2021.

Minami Yuki

Has been a licensed nurse since 2014. After working in medical administration and medical assistance, has worked in the operating room, general, and long-term medical care wards. Joined the company in 2021.

Kenji Ichimura

Has been a licensed nurse since 2001. Worked in the emergency center and ICU at Nippon Medical School Hospital and other hospitals. Joined the company in 2022.

Shiho Ozaki

Has been a licensed nurse since 2009. Worked in the emergency center and ICU at Kyoto Medical Center. Joined the company in 2022.

Naoya Otani
Clinical Engineer

After working for a general hospital and a medical equipment manufacturer, joined the company in 2021. Mainly responsible for on-site work, support correspondence, and medical equipment consultation.

Tomohiko Kamikawa

Has been a licensed nurse since 1998. He is certified in Emergency Nursing and is a Critical Certified Nurse Specialist. Worked in lifesaving centers and ICUs. Joined the company in 2022.


Makoto Uchiyama

After graduating from A.T. Still University, School of Medicine, he worked at Oregon Health and Science University and Legacy Emanuel Medical Center. He currently works as an intensivist at Aloha Critical Care Associates in Hawaii, USA. While primarily performing clinical practice in Oahu, he is also involved in a remote ICU in Kauai. He is an Associate Clinical Professor at Washington State University, School of Medicine, and Assistant Clinical Professor at the University of Hawaii, Department of Internal Medicine. He also teaches junior physicians. Since 2019, he has been participating in remote ICUs and conferences with overseas ICU teams as an advisor to the company.

Yuki Nakagawa

Worked at Kyoto University Hospital, Mitsui Memorial Hospital, and Yokohama Rosai Hospital. Joined the company in 2021 as assistant to CEO and expert in the JICA project to strengthen our intensive care capacity using tele-technology during the COVID-19 pandemic. Founded NPO AYA in 2022. He also serves as an Advisor to the Patient Support Division of M3 Inc. He is a part-time physician at the Fuji Town Medical Center and the Hosoya Dialysis Clinic, and an industrial physician (in charge of a total of 10 companies). He is an operating member of the Institute for Healthcare Leadership/IHL and a representative of AYA—a non-profit organization.

Morio Suzuki

Worked at Kawakita General Hospital and Tokyo Metropolitan Tama Medical Center Emergency Center. Certified as an Acute Care Physician and Intensive Care Physician. He then in the ICU and the Blood Purification Department of Kawakita General Hospital, and served as the head of the hospital’s Critical Care Unit during the COVID-19 pandemic. He provided care to patients with severe COVID-19 in Okinawa Prefecture. He is board member of Suzuki Urology. He holds a DELE (International Spanish Certificate) B2 and has participated in our JICA project on Latin American Affairs since 2021.

Naohiro Hagawa

After his initial residency at Fukui Prefectural Hospital, he worked in emergency and critical medicine as an Acute Care Physician at emergency centers and secondary hospitals in Osaka Prefecture. Subspecializes in Diagnostic Imaging. Since 2015, he has been working in the Department of Medical Quality and Safety Management at the University Hospital / Graduate School of Medical Safety Management, where he studied operational and organizational improvement theory and practice. He joined Mediva, Inc in 2020 while working as an emergency physician. Currently, as a physician and consultant for the company, he supports the emergency department operations of several hospitals and assists in developing and implementing emergency medicine strategies. He has been a shift doctor since 2021 and consultant since 2022.


Daisuke Tsukahara

Has been a licensed nurse since 2000. Certified as an Intensive Care nurse. Worked at Ome Municipal General Hospital and Kyorin University Hospital. After completing his master’s degree in nursing in 2012, he has been engaged in certified nurse education as a faculty member of the Intensive Care Department at the Japan Nursing Association Training Institute. At the same time, he also worked to promote the Certified Nurse Practitioner system and the Specific Practice Training for Nurses. After working at Juntendo University Nerima Hospital, he joined the company in 2020 as a specified medical acts training supervisor. In 2021, he established Quamed to support training institutions for specified medical acts.

External Director

Nick Barua

B.S. in Astrophysics from Yale University, M.S. in Theoretical Physics from California Institute of Technology, and Ph.D. from the University of Hertfordshire. Work experience at NASA (Astrophysicist), Microsoft Corporation (Software Development), Kobe Institute of Information Science (Director of Business Development Office, current position), and Swift-Xi Inc. (COO, current position). He joined the company as an external board member in 2019. Visiting Professor at Shiga University of Medical Science and Visiting Professor at Kobe Gakuin University, Department of Disaster Prevention and Social Studies.

Tsuyoshi Ito

M. Chemical Engineering, Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Tokyo Institute of Technology. Joined JAFCO in April 2003, and became the Head of Industry-Academia Collaboration Investment Group in 2008. He leads the support and investment activities for the commercialization of seed-stage university-originated technology seeds. In August 2014, he founded Beyond Next Ventures Inc. and became its President and Representative Director. Currently, he serves as an outside director for several portfolio companies and a visiting associate professor at Nagoya University and Hiroshima University. He has served as a member of startup-related committees and reviewers for the Cabinet Office and various ministries and agencies, and joined Vitaars in 2019 as an external director.

Shintaro Nakao

After graduating from Nagoya Institute of Technology (BS in Engineering), he joined Pasona NA, Inc. in 1998 and became the President of Pasona Dotank Inc. in 2010. He became the Director of Pasona Inc. in 2013 and the Director and Managing Executive Officer of Pasona Inc. in 2015. He then became the Director of Pasona Group Inc. in 2016 and the Managing Executive Officer of Pasona Inc. in 2017 (current position). He has also been the President and Representative Director of Pasona Inc. since 2018 and has been an external director for Vitaars since 2021.

Akira Horiguchi

In 1966, he joined Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. After serving as the Director and General Manager of the Medical Device Business Division, he became Executive Vice President and subsequently retired in 2015. During his career, he served as President and Representative Director of Medicon Inc., Director of Kobayashi Medical, Advisor to Kobe City Medical Industry City Project, and Director of Medical and Industrial Manufacturing Commons. Since his retirement, he continues to serve as a director for the Foundation for Kobe International Medical Alliance, a business advisor for Remohab Inc., a medical device advisor for Beyond Next Ventures, and an external auditor for Connect co., ltd. Since 2020, he has been an external auditor for Vitaars.

Takashi Nakai

He registered with the Osaka Bar Association in October 2003 after graduating from the University of Tokyo Faculty of Law. He is currently a partner attorney at Nakanoshima Chuo Law Office. He provides consultation services and lawsuits for clients, which include companies, local governments, school corporations, and medical corporations. His main area of expertise is labor law. Since December 2022, he has been an external auditor for Vitaars. He is also a member of the Board of Trustees and a member of the local government.