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Company Information

Mission Vision Value

To provide the best medical care for people around the world

Anywhere, we care.

Each patient has different medical needs at different times and places.
Together with our highly specialized members, we utilize Information and Communication Technology to remotely deliver the “best medical care to people around the world.” This is our mission and what the organization exists for.

To support the medical field with our expertise and experience in order to create an environment that fulfills the wishes of patients, healthcare professionals, and others involved.


Our strength lies in our collaboration with specialist physicians and specialized/certified nurses, both in Japan and abroad.
By working with them remotely to support medical professionals engaged in patient care, we contribute to improving the quality of medical care for patients, reducing the physical and mental burden on medical professionals, and improving medical safety at medical facilities. We will resultantly create a social environment that fulfills the wishes of all involved, including those who hope for the recovery of patients and those who support medical professionals.


We act based on the following three values.

Be a professional that displays integrity
We will sincerely relate with all people with high ethical standards and pride in the professionals who support medical care.

Pioneer spirit!
We will continue to challenge ourselves to realize unprecedented services by listening to the voices of those in the field.

We value diverse personalities and curiosity, and maximize our perfornance through flexible teamwork.

To carry out our mission and achieve our vision every day,
values are the basis for the decisions when we make in any of our day-to-day operations.