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Domestic Business

Remote Monitoring System “Close-by”

A featured COVID-19 Countermeasures

We offer a remote monitoring system that can be used to attend to patients and medical personnel from a distance.
Patients can be monitored using a high-performance camera placed at the bedside. The system can deliver multifaceted patient information to remote locations within the hospital by connecting to a variety of medical equipment.

Due to the global spread of the Coronavirus, hospitals accepting COVID-19 patients are now required to provide medical care and while simultaneously preventing infection among healthcare workers. Severely ill patients require closer treatment and nursing care, but the shortage of personal protective equipment has made it extremely difficult to balance medical care and infection prevention.

Screen Image

Customizable display for viewing medical information

360º degree camera, shooting and zooming and viewing of recorded video Medical device display and long-term data storage

Medical care changes with “Close-by”

Medical Treatment
Detailed patient information (facial expressions, breathing pattern, vital signs, ventilator graphics, etc.) can be observed remotely.

Look people in the eye and talk to them.Enhance communication through face-to-face interaction rather than relying solely on words.

Safety and Productivity
Allows leaving the bedside while maintaining quality of care.Supports medical professionals who are performing many tasks concurrently.

“Close-by” system

High-quality camera
High-definition images and 360-degree field of view
Clear sound


Monitoring view
Enables viewing multiple patients on a single screen
Medical device screens can be displayed


Independent network
Completely independent network system
No interference to any existing system in the hospital

Complete security with no need for the cloud or external networks